Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Workshop

I thought it was about time I gave you a lookaround my workshop.

This is the main bench where I do most of my work. I also have two other benches which I use mostly for either sawing, cutting, routing work or simply as somewhere to put instruments when they're clamped up.

This is the place in the room with the most natural light. I also use florescent lighting with a combination of tubes - daylight etc. Most of my small handtools are kept close to hand at this bench as well as oils and cleaning products underneath it.

That's a Gibson J45 on the bench - its just had a neck re-set. Panning round to the right is the computer, the all important stereo and the second workbench. There is usually a vice mounted to the corner of this bench and its where I made nuts and saddles. In the shelves I keep strings, fretwire, books, drills...

Then there's the third bench and more shelving. Under the bench are boxes of parts. Behind this bench is an area in which I plan to build a seperate room to use for dirty, dusty jobs. It will contain a bandsaw, belt sander, buffer etc. and of course dust extraction.

I have only been in this space since January 08 so its still evolving and I'm still finding new ways to use the space I have. Finally, we've come around full circle and this is the room looking across the main bench again but in the other direction. On the wall are various tools and jigs with a rack of clamps below. The shelves are covered in jars containing parts- pots, switches, saddles...

The workshop is at:
19 Khyber Pass Road, Auckland

For any inquiries or comments call on: 021 912 678

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