Friday, 21 December 2012

XMas/Summer Break

Hi all,
 thanks for a great year and keep those repairs/mods/restorations coming.

As of Tuesday 13th December I am unable to take on any more work to be completed before the XMas break.

I'm at the workshop until Friday Dec 23rd, then I'm away until January 3rd.

And remember don't leave dogs or guitars in hot cars.

Have a great break



Feel free to contact me, the workshop phone is always the best 09 307 6501.
If I don't answer don't be shy to leave a message, it's not easy for me to pick up the phone sometimes.
I very rarely check emails these days, I never seem to find time.

Workshop Hours

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Wed…….. Closed
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Sat/Sun ..Closed

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Re-Stringing a Floyd Rose Bridge

I often get asked to re-string Floyd Rose equipped guitars. Although it is a little bit harder than a 'Strat' or Les Paul bridge it's not beyond most folks.

  There's just one little tool you need to make it quicker and easier - a wedge.

  I have a few different sized wedges I use depending on the way the bridge is setup. For this job it's a made of cedar. Cedar is a very soft wood so won't damage the finish.
 A Floyd Rose should be set so its baseplate is parallel to the face of the guitar body.

 Before I take the old strings off I place the wedge under the back of the bridge, it's only just held there - I don't want to push the trem up at all.
Now, when I take the strings off the trem stays level in the exact position I want it to be.

  I take the strings off, clean and oil the fretboard and put the new strings on.
I tune them up to pitch being careful not to over tighten them. As the last strings gets up to pitch the wedge will fall out. I can then re-set the fine tuners to their mid point, re-tune, give the strings a good stretch and a bit of a play, tune again and they are ready to be clamped down at the nut.

 With the wedge I save heaps of time tuning and tuning until the bridge has reached its correct position.
 This is just a simple re-string, if you change string guage or which tuning you use then there will need to be some adjusting of the springs. But that's another story.


I am no longer repairing guitars - since covid 19 I now work full time making pickups