Thursday, 6 November 2008

What my Customers Say

Here are some emails I have received from happy customers.
Its great to have feedback like this and so nice of people to take the time to email me:
"Hi Glyn used my Epiphone LP at practice last night and there is a HUGE improvement in tone-more clarity,more volume and lots more sustain.With the toggle switch set in the middle position I can now get really good clean tones-much closer to the Tele which our singer uses. Just going to have to re-tweak the patches on my Line 6 now to match it...Thanks S."
"Glyn how goes it? Just to say fantastic job on the Hohner jack. I want to bring in the other bass you did for me and have a new bridge put on it.Cheers A."
"Hi Glyn. I have received the strat and it sounds and feels great. Very nice. Its one of the best SRV sounding gats ive ever heard (dunno why the highway series get such a bad rep) I will send another up next week if your not too busy. Cheers P."
"Hi Glyn, I've enjoyed visiting your site a few times, I enjoy your repair blog =) Have also heard several reports of the high standard of your work, it's good to have reliable people to direct people towards when they ask. D."
"Hello Mr Glyn, I enjoyed your blog, it is fantastic to see a craftsman proud to display his talent for all to see. Thanks."
"Hi Glyn, just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for doing such a great job on my guitar, it is like a new instrument and i didn't know how good it could sound or play, Thanks I."
"Hey Glyn, The OLP is fantastic. It's amazing how many different sounds we can get out it now, and the action is the lowest I've had on any guitar. Henceforth I shall refer to you as 'the guitar whisperer'. R."
"Hi Glyn If you think a compound radius will look better I am not going to argue with you, do it as you think it will be best,you know way more than me and I have complete trust in your work. L."
"Just a word of thanks. Very nice job on my gibson (black custom re-fret), we've been rockin almost fulltime, it sounds scary!!!!! Will bring sum more work shortly, my squire needs help (badly), might have a 50's f-hole acoustic (not a big brand but an inheritance), when I get it back from the south Is. Has done 4 gens. of parties so gets tired fast all the best, P."
"Hi Glyn, Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for dialing in my Les Paul - it's mint, as is the SG you re-set the neck on last year. It's re-assuring to know there's a craftsman out there that really knows what he's doing. Is there anything you can do with acoustics? - I've gota 70's Takamini that's sounding a bit dull - can you give it some love? Cheers A."
"Hi Glyn, Guitar is great thanks! here's a link to our MySpace site - i'll bring you a copy of the album next time I see you. Cheers A."

Feel free to contact me about repair work (if you are in NZ). I only check emails weekly so the workshop phone is always the best 09 307 6501.

Workshop Hours

Mon……. 8-6
Tues……. 8-6
Wed…….. Closed
Thurs …..8-6
Fri ……….8-6
Sat/Sun ..Closed

Mr Glyn’s Guitars

  21a Khyber Pass Road
New Zealand
09 307 6501, 021 912678

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  1. Good stuff! You sound like a great repairman. If I ever expand to your country you'll be added!


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