Thursday, 28 January 2021

Ep#5 MrGlyn Meets Your Maker

 Just posted Ep#5 of “MrGlyn Meets Your Maker” on Youtube. In this one I talk with Russ from Mattsen Guitars about his handmade Resonator guitars. If you have any interest in Resonators, Slide guitar or guitar construction this one is for you.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Ep#4 MrGlyn Meets Your Maker

 Just posted Ep#4 of MrGlyn Meets Your Maker. It would be great if you could help support Kiwi made musical gear by subscribing or sharing.

Stephan Gilberg makes a huge range of guitar pedals from his workshop in Nelson NZ. 

In this episode he talks about pedal design, the inspiration behind his creations and what drives him.

If you’re at all interested in unique guitar sounds, expanding on the traditional palette  or just want something funky on the floor then this episode is for you.

Saturday, 2 January 2021

MrGlyn Meets Your Maker Ep#3

In Episode #3 of ‘MrGlyn Meets Your Maker’ I talk to David Benavides of Benavides Guitars in Ahipara. I first played one of his handmade guitars about 5 years ago and immediately gave him a call I was so impressed. If you are an aspiring guitar maker, have an interest in guitar construction or are in the market for “the” acoustic guitar it’s well worth listening to what Dave has to say.