Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Re-Stringing a Floyd Rose Bridge

I often get asked to re-string Floyd Rose equipped guitars. Although it is a little bit harder than a 'Strat' or Les Paul bridge it's not beyond most folks.

  There's just one little tool you need to make it quicker and easier - a wedge.

  I have a few different sized wedges I use depending on the way the bridge is setup. For this job it's a made of cedar. Cedar is a very soft wood so won't damage the finish.
 A Floyd Rose should be set so its baseplate is parallel to the face of the guitar body.

 Before I take the old strings off I place the wedge under the back of the bridge, it's only just held there - I don't want to push the trem up at all.
Now, when I take the strings off the trem stays level in the exact position I want it to be.

  I take the strings off, clean and oil the fretboard and put the new strings on.
I tune them up to pitch being careful not to over tighten them. As the last strings gets up to pitch the wedge will fall out. I can then re-set the fine tuners to their mid point, re-tune, give the strings a good stretch and a bit of a play, tune again and they are ready to be clamped down at the nut.

 With the wedge I save heaps of time tuning and tuning until the bridge has reached its correct position.
 This is just a simple re-string, if you change string guage or which tuning you use then there will need to be some adjusting of the springs. But that's another story.


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