Saturday, 8 August 2009

A Typical Week at the Workshop

This time I thought I'd show a typical week at the workshop - the jobs that come in, work that gets done.

I'm not going into any detail about any of the guitars although I might write a bit about some of them at a later date. I just want to show the sort of work I do and the variety of instruments that come in.

I started the week with a partial re-fret on a Guild. The player gigs a lot and the guitar was booked in for Monday morning to be ready to play in public Wednesday night. It needed the first 9 frets replacing and a new Fishman undersaddle pickup.

The next was a handmade Strat the player was finding a bit heavy. He wanted as much wood removed as possible without it being visible. He was much more concerned with the weight than any tonal difference removing wood may cause.

I get a huge variety of guitars through my hands - this one is a classical with a split top. This was purely a structural job. I glued up the split and fitted cleats to the inside for strength.

The next is an unusual one. Its Japanese and from the late 60's or 70's but with no name on it. It had a wiring fault resulting in only one pickup working.

This is a Fender Stratocaster Eric Clapton signature model. Its first owner had left a sticker on the pickguard. With time the pickguard faded and now there's a mark. I simply had to change the plate for a new one.

A very unusual German mandolin came in with the top coming away near the tailpiece and in need of some strings and a set up.

I was asked to give a written quote to an insurance company for an Ibanez Artwood that was damaged in transit.

An 80's Carvin - in for a set up

An Epiphone casino - for a set up

A 60's Levin. This is a beautiful old guitar and in need of major surgery. The truss rod is forcing its way out of the back of the neck. The neck also needs removing to correst a poor neck angle. Gonna be in the workshop a while.

A Corona Strat - set up

A Cort acoustic with splits in the neck

A Strat put together from 'Realtone' parts - in for a set up

A Fina acoustic guitar in for a replacement EQ. I got a new one from for $90 - great deal

Gibson SJ200 - this one just had a minor problem with the nut.

Jay acoustic guitar. This one had the head broken completely off. It's quite a common repair for me. These pics are halfway through the job, I've re-attached the head but haven't cleaned up the lacquer yet.

A Karina parlour guitar with some damage to the lower bout.

A very nice old K.Yairi in need of a new endpin jack socket. I prefere to use Switchcraft jacks whenever I can.

And finally a '97 Fender Strat in for a set up

So these have been the jobs I have had through the workshop in the first week in August '09. There is such a variety of work there's no way I'll ever get bored.

Feel free to contact me about repair work (if you are in NZ). I only check emails weekly so the workshop phone is always the best 09 307 6501.

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